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Monday, December 12, 2011

Andy Goldsworthy / Andy Warhol Mash-up

3rd grade students looked at artworks from Andy Goldsworthy & learned about land art & using nature as a source of art.

We chose leaves off the trees & narrowed it down to our favorite leaf that would fill the space, was interesting, & laid flat.  I told them holes in the leaves were okay, but many opted for leaves with no holes.

Then students learned about pop-art & Andy Warhol.  We compared the Andys & their artworks.  We then created four tiles with the same image of each leaf.  I borrowed 14 projectors from most of my fellow teachers to ensure there was room for everyone to trace.  What I didn't consider happening was blowing a fuse!  Once we did, I had to rearrange where they were plugged in so I didn't have to worry about it happening again.  The students traced their 4 leaves with pencil & then outlined them in Sharpie.

I wanted to expose the students to creating art using more than one medium, so each leaf was a different medium.  We used markers, oil pastels, chalk pastels, & watercolor pencils for our leaves.  Each medium was only on one leaf.  I think this is a good segue for later in the year when we experiment by mixing different mediums... at least I hope.

The students had a really hard time with the chalk pastels.  It was really hard for them to use one color in one spot without smearing it.  I think next time I might use a different medium   Many of them had not used watercolor pencils before & loved them.

Here are some of our results: