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Sunday, December 18, 2011

1st Grade Kandinsky's Circles

For our Kandinsky circles, I thought it was important for the students to learn warm colors, cool colors, primary colors, secondary colors, & complimentary colors.  I created a few samples of circles using oil pastels in each of these combinations that I could hang on the board for students to see.

Every lesson that I start with the students, I show a PowerPoint presentation showing the students the artist, their artworks, some facts that they need to know, or our process.  
The students love seeing the large images of the "famous" artwork.  If I don't mention it in each blog, just consider it happening.  
The PowerPoints take me less than an hour to make & I'll always be able to use them in the years to come.  
A GREAT place to borrow PowerPoint presentations is from 
Mrs. Brown has tons of slideshows!  Most of the time, I look at hers, & then create my own to better form it to my lesson. 

I didn't want all of the students' artwork to be the same, but because we were doing this project in September, I thought it was important for me to grasp how well the students could follow directions.  

These are the directions I gave (which I leave on the board throughout the project):

1. Each circle has to have AT LEAST 3 colors. (I would also say "3 or more".  I found "at least" was hard for them to understand.

2. Each circle must stay in it's own square.  (They did pretty good with this one.  The concept of the circles expanding off the edge I found was hard to explain & hard for them to understand.  I have found even 4th graders don't want their shapes to run off the page, so this is something I'm going to have to work on.)

3. Each circle can not be the same.

4. Blend (they liked the word "mix" better) the colors from each circle together so the colors touch. (Some students did this with no problem, where others struggled.)

5. Press hard so the oil pastel looks more like paint & less like crayon. (This depended on the students' hand strength; some did this instinctively where others were reminded)