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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Adaptive Arts Class

This is my first year teaching an adaptive arts class.  I only have two or three students that come to class, and at first I thought it was going to be a real challenge.  After the fourth week of school though, I have found that this is an amazing class!  I was worried about underestimating what our students could do... or knowing their abilities & what they were capable of doing.  
The first week of school, I read No David!  Then we created our Davids.  
I found this lesson through Pinterest (what haven't I found through Pinterest?!) & here is the original link to Fall Into First's blog: 
http://www.fallintofirst.com/2012/06/david-learns-school-rules.html .  

I chose this lesson because I wanted to go over our classroom rules & I wanted to get an understanding for what the students were capable of.... Following directions - check.  Gluing - check. Understanding the big picture - check.  Having fun while making art - check!  
The students created their Davids & I think they turned out pretty cute.  
Here are our Davids
 I had precut shapes for one of the students as they are not able to use scissors.  
The other student tried their hand at cutting on their own.  Pretty good job.  :)

After our first art class, I felt much better about what the students were capable of doing.  The resource room teacher & I decided it would be a great idea, rather than to focus on a final piece of art, to focus on the experience with the materials.  So from now on, every lesson will last two weeks.  The first week, the students will experiment with the materials, art skills, art terms, etc... & the following week, we will use the same set of skills learned in the first week, just in a different way.  

For our next lesson, we made symmetrical string art monoprints. 

Once again, this idea came from Pinterest!  Here is the original link to Organized Chaos's blog: 

Students experimented making symmetrical string art using primary colors of tempera paint.  Students dipped their string in each color of primary paint, & set it on their paper.  Then, the students used another piece of paper to set on top of their strings & rub to make a monoprint.  When each image was laid next to the other, it made a symmetrical monoprint.

Here are our versions: 

After we finish these, we are going to use the same concepts of the primary colors & create marble art!  I'll post those as soon as I take photos.  

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. I love the work your students have done! How old are your adaptive art students? I have worked with students with special needs for years and find them to be my favorite students. I work with autistic, MH and BD. Some are verbal and some are not. My students are mainstreamed into my art classes and I modify the lesson I am teaching for them. They all come with a para to assist them depending on their needs. I have in past years had a slot in my schedule to work with my autistic and BD students. We did more art therapy/exploration in those classes.

    1. Thanks for the comment Mrs. C! This is my first year with students with special needs. My students are in kindergarten, first, & second. Originally I had only three students, but this week I had five & most likely I will have five for the rest of the year. Today I had two para- professionals with them & the students worked great!

      We are lucky enough to have an art time for the students. They come for 40 minutes, but sometimes our time varies. If it's a good day, it lasts around 30 minutes. Last week we only made it about 25 minutes. They are making some great work though! I enjoy the varying abilities of the students.

      I really enjoy this class! The students get to experiment & enjoy the materials more-so than focusing on the final end product.