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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kindergarten Self-Portraits

My kindergartners have been busy!  They worked really hard on creating their self-portraits.  I found a really great video on Pinterest of a teacher doing a step-by-step self-portrait with her class.  http://pinterest.com/pin/30469734949975123/

We watched the video & did it step-by-step with her.  I paused the video after every new thing she drew & talked about it with the students.  I used my document camera to draw & the students could watch me.  They drew theirs along with me.  We had a few mirrors out on each table to the students to look in to check & see what they looked like.  

Once it was all drawn out in pencil, we colored it in crayon.  We paid particular attention to our skin color, our eye color, & our hair color.  We used more than one color crayon if we needed to make a color we didn't have. 

We also added details to our backgrounds to make them more exciting & less boring!  Students could choose what to put int he background.  

Here are some of our finished self-portraits! 

If you would like to see our whole collection of kindergarten self-portraits, check out our Artsonia page!  


Hope you enjoyed!  

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