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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Op-Art Mural

   Around October, the music teacher & I got together & decided to collaborate on an art project for our shared bulletin board in the hallway.  At the time, many of my students were learning about op-art & fascinated by it, so that's what we chose as our project.

   First, we covered our bulletin board in black paper.  Then we covered the board in white paper & glued together the seam of the white paper, so it would stay together.  We chose to put black down first, & then white because the students were using markers & we didn't want it going through to our board.  I drew the wavy lines first & then used a ruler to draw the radial lines.  That took the longest.  I had to make sure that there were an even number of straight, radial lines so once the students started coloring we wouldn't have one section that wasn't right.

   I used yarn to mark off a section for each class.  I posted really large directions on black paper covering the sections that weren't being worked on.  Each class had an entire day to work on their section.  I gave the teachers the option to send them down alone, as a group, or for the teacher to bring the whole class down at once to supervise.  I also sent out my directions & class schedule of each class's day to participate in an email so everyone understood what was going on.   Also, after it was hung up & before the students started working on it, I took each class into the hallway & went over the directions.  We didn't work on it in art class though.

Here is the board, covered, & ready to be colored! 

   We had the 1st & 2nd grade multi-age class, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, the 3rd & 4th grade multi-age class, & 5th grade classes participate.

Each class knew to color in shapes with an "X" in it.  Myself & the music teacher put X's in the spots that should have been colored.  They were able to pick any color they wanted to color in the spots except black.

Here is the board with all of the bright colors!

   Even though we drew the X's, there were a few students who made mistakes & colored in the spots that should have been left alone.  That was okay though & I anticipated that happening, so once all of the classes had their turn, we went back & colored all of the white spots black.

Here is our finished school art mural! 

The students & the teachers loved the way it turned out.  My favorite part is that we didn't have to think about what was going on the bulletin board for a few months!  We're going to turn it in as one of our pieces for our school district's art show!