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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

International Dot Day!

     September 15th is International Dot Day!  It celebrates the story of The Dot, by Peter H. Reynolds.  Vashti, a little girl, thinks she can't draw.  Her art teacher helps her believe that she is an artist by telling her to make a mark & see where it takes her!  
     If you would like to learn more about International Dot Day, click this link:  http://fablevisionlearning.com/dotday/
     We are celebrating International Dot Day on Friday, September 14th in our school.  Students & staff are wearing dots on Friday, reading the dot, & even watching it as a video!  
     In the art room, we are creating some exciting dots!  In second grade, we read The Dot & then worked in stations to create their dots.  On each table, I set out 2 colors of markers & many colors of crayons.  Students stood up out of their chairs, & they had one minute to use the markers at each table to start their dots.  Then we moved to the next table, & so on, until they made it around to all six tables. 
 Since the students only had one minute at each table, they worked quiet (without being told!) on their own. After the first minute, they realized just how fast a minute flies by! 
 Students had the choice to make many dots....
 Or just one large dot.  They had to fill the space.  
 I told them to make & mark & see where it would take them.  They were very creative! 

 Students also had the choice to make a "frame" around their art, like Vashti's teacher did in The Dot.
Because they only had a minute at each table, they had to think quick!  I really enjoyed seeing how differently all of their dots turned out.  

Here are some of our kindergartners dots.  They used crayon to create inside of a dot & cut it out when they were done.   

These are 1st grade dots.  The students used oil pastels.  

Some students had never used oil pastels before, so some of experimented with mixing colors. 

Other students came up with an idea for their dot.

Hope everyone enjoys our dots!

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