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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Adaptive Arts Class

This is my first year teaching an adaptive arts class.  I only have two or three students that come to class, and at first I thought it was going to be a real challenge.  After the fourth week of school though, I have found that this is an amazing class!  I was worried about underestimating what our students could do... or knowing their abilities & what they were capable of doing.  
The first week of school, I read No David!  Then we created our Davids.  
I found this lesson through Pinterest (what haven't I found through Pinterest?!) & here is the original link to Fall Into First's blog: 
http://www.fallintofirst.com/2012/06/david-learns-school-rules.html .  

I chose this lesson because I wanted to go over our classroom rules & I wanted to get an understanding for what the students were capable of.... Following directions - check.  Gluing - check. Understanding the big picture - check.  Having fun while making art - check!  
The students created their Davids & I think they turned out pretty cute.  
Here are our Davids
 I had precut shapes for one of the students as they are not able to use scissors.  
The other student tried their hand at cutting on their own.  Pretty good job.  :)